The Octagon Direct Team

We have carefully selected our team of highly experienced financial experts who share a common heartfelt passion for people and helping them succeed. This passion drives a spirit of innovation and eagerness to be the best the industry has to offer. Simply put, we strive for brilliance!

Meet our team


Menachem Kay

With his sincere love for people and numbers, Menachem founded Octagon Financial Services in July 2003. He proactively steers the company towards achieving financial prosperity and growth for both Octagon clients and its shareholders. His empathic, client-centric approach aims to distil complex financial information for his clients to enable them to truly understand the financial products at their disposal, and make sound financial decisions with the utmost peace of mind. Menachem is deeply committed to his clients and preserving their wealth and prosperity – a quality he balances with equal dedication to his family

"No man is born hating another"Nelson Mandela


David Aronowitz

David joined Octagon in 2007 as the Financial Manager. He was later appointed to Financial Director and today assumes the position of Internal Compliance Officer and Financial Director, ensuring the company is legally and financially compliant. He has a die-hard, go-get-it attitude that drives him to work hard, focus, persevere and commit to every task at hand. A machine at the office, David uses his spare time to put his feet up and relax.

"Get down and do it!"


Steve Crouse

Steve joined Octagon Financial Services in 2010, and attributes his success to always maintaining his integrity and doing the very best he can for those around him. With extensive industry experience and a passion to make a difference in his clients’ lives, Steve aims to help his clients build optimised portfolios, uninfluenced by marketing spin. He is analytical, sociable and innovative in his approach, continually looking to share ideas and evolve his thinking. Steve keeps energised by spending time with his loved ones, going for a run, enjoying a good read and appreciating the great outdoors.

"Fortune favours the brave"


Neil Jankelowitz

As someone who thrives on helping people achieve their financial aspirations, Neil’s role as part of the Octagon management team is to streamline procedures and integrate software with these procedures to enhance the client experience. He is involved in the process from beginning to end, ensuring all his clients’ needs are met. Building trust and understanding with his clients enables him to fast track wealth creation and preservation. When not working, Neil enjoys being outdoors, running, and playing squash, tennis or golf. He is also passionate about bonsai, and has been growing bonsai trees for 15 years.

"Don’t follow the path, create it"


Chaim Shalpid

Chaim is a specialist Risk and Investment Consultant at Octagon Financial Services. He joined the company in 2005, and works tirelessly to build trusting relationships with his clients, guiding them towards financial prosperity. Chaim is solutions driven, guided by his belief that ‘with passion, hard work and love for what you do, you will ultimately achieve success, both materially and spiritually’. In his downtime Chaim enjoys keeping active and fuelling his mind reading or watching a good movie.

"Either lead, follow or move out the way"Ted Turner


Esti Woznica

Esti’s peers and clients value her enthusiastic and focused work/life approach. Her ‘do your best, then do more’ guiding philosophy affords both her individual and corporate clients a comprehensive Financial Planning service that spans life and risk, Retirement Planning, investments and Medical Aid. Helping people prosper and spreading her positive outlook on life inspires Esti. Out of office, her creative side enjoys book club, cooking to good music, and rearing four happy, healthy and productive children.

"Plan ahead. Be creative. Be a team player."


Bibi Faatima Pillay

At work and at play, Faatima makes every minute count. With incredible attention to detail and a passion for service excellence, she runs a smooth ship managing all administration and support services at Octagon Financial. Since joining Octagon in 2003, Faatima has spearheaded our industry-compliant administrative team, inspired by a service culture of ownership, efficiency and excellence. After hours Faatima enjoys quality time spent with her husband, family and friends, and listening to music.

"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence!"


Gary Lewenstein

Experienced Senior Financial Advisor, Gary Lewenstein, joined the Octagon team in early 2014 to focus his capabilities on wealth creation and Medical Aid funding. Gary attests his continued success to combining patience and persistence in all that he takes on. That, along with making himself his greatest competition and working in a team that is driven by innovation, transparency, expertise, honesty and integrity. At play, Gary surrounds himself with positive, selfless people of generous heart and spirit.

"Manners maketh man"


Richelle Kohn

Richelle joined Octagon in 2013 as the Branch Manager in Knysna. Driven by discipline and her methodical approach to getting things done, Richelle passionately assists her clients in achieving financial growth and preservation to ensure their safe and financially-fit retirement. Meticulous by nature, Richelle builds trusting relationships with her clients by empowering them with knowledge and research to guide them in their financial decision-making process. In her downtime Richelle plays as hard as she works, achieving a healthy body and mind through rigorous exercise, quality family time and artistic expression.

"You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else"Albert Einstein


Yehuda Kay

Yehuda has a wealth of experience in both the property and financial advisory field. Yehuda has recently taken on the task of growing the short term division at Octagon Financial Services.

"The growth and the protection of the client’s wealth and assets is paramount"